Wednesday, 23 March 2016


In good times, Prepare for BAD times. DOW's rebound from Feb 11th has sign of Ending.

I will rather take this defensive view now n relook 1 to 2 weeks later to gauge
the strength of the mkt.
This rebound on CI stocks only, gave us the good times. 
We could be at the very tailend of this wonderful rebound of DOW from low of
Feb 11th. I always asked, what happens after REBOUND ? 

BUYING now could be helping others to get out of mkt. 
The better prices could disappear fast n r gone for a long time.
Somebody will shout, lull before the storm. I'm afraid. 
In the US, there is only 1 buyer in DOW stocks: share buy back, to fatten the ceo's pockets.

1 by 1 the mkt favourite stocks r going down below n stay under the daily SMA 200 = big purebear. 
Many followers will start scolding their 'sifu' again. Face it. it's Very tough to
handle downtrend that seems No hope , No U turn as yet. 

I love this: Amore said, "You don’t need to be logical all the time. That’s not
how markets work. So you need to handle the emotion of markets and human beings by reading price action on the charts."

More here: 

Friday, 11 March 2016

What can we learn & use from the BIG SHORT STORY of John Paulson & taikor Partners ???

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John Paulson graduated among the very top in his MBA finance program from world # 1 Harvard Uni. He was 1 of a star MD with partial bankrupt Bear Sterns IB. It was his hedge fund client at Bear Sterns that inspired him to go into hedge fund biz after seeing the client making tonnes of money without fail in hedging M&A deals.

A half Jew, John Paulson was the 1st to have the idea that subprime mortgage derivatives will crash. He knew so much about sub prime financing biz. He started shorting subprime in mid 2006 n loss like crazy. He tried many other ways to convince more followers n still no result at all.
Running out of choice, in his last attempt he suddenly thought why not ask for the contact # of that old man and gives him a call.
The old man granted a meeting with him in late 2007 to early 2008. Within 1 hr of his presentation, the old man bought John Paulson's big short story.
Immediately they both went shorting subprime like crazy in early 2008 ...
n the whole investing community followed suit leading to 2007-09 DOW financial crash.

At the end of the story, John Paulson become so famous for making the biggest money per deal in hedge fund history.
Paulson is the record holder making a personal record profit of usd$3.2 billion in 1 single deal.
The old man is 2nd record at usd$2.9 billion. No name was mentioned. So Humble he is.

Do u know who is that 80+ old man? Yes, your G Soros.

Bottom line, follow the smart mkt movers early to aim RIGHT at RIGHT TIMING.
& be sensitive to all things working RIGHT to score in this endless 'stock mkt exam' every cycle ...

This is the invincible model :

G SOROS -  "Economic history is a never-ending series of
episodes based on falsehood and lies, not truths.
It represents the path to big money.
The object is to recognize the TREND whose premise is false,
ride that trend, and step off before it is discredited"

G Soros is an uptrend purebull follower n is advising us to focus on the big money.

Jim Rogers -  "Figure out the money and you’ll figure out what’s going on."

Jim Rogers is asking us where is the big money in charts n to find them ourselves.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Everyday's down kau kau. I did hinted CASH IS KING. CASH's growing in Value.

I tried to provide a professional reading of the timely mkt direction.

Please refer to the shouting here:

Slowly go thru to pick up the 1 word or 1 sentence that matters to mkt n your holdings.
New words, bear plunge,   A reverse bull run.
I share the best experience but very few people will appreciate.
Like this 1, so comprehensive,

Everywhere in the world Small n mid cap stocks had crushed n crashed more than their respective main index.
In Msia, we r always having a good lag time for this to happen. That's why these stocks r down big time this season.

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All momentum FA stocks r dropping.
The pure speculative losing money co. r so strong.
mkt is so ironic.
The fun managers r more panic than retailers. It looks like it.

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Everyday's down kau kau.
Stock journey on the way down is the toughest job to handle.

all bcos of Uncle k proudly proclaimed that he had margin call.
smart funds on hearing it will clap hands n dump like crazy. it always end ugly when Game is Over.
It's dejavu all over again like in the late 90s, the young ceo of renung announcing arrogantly that he will buy everything. the amore began popping Champagne n they 'belanja' all their stock holding to him enbloc.

Smart money or mkt movers r stock 'pilots' need to be mindful of practicing CSR to safeguard an orderly mkt. It has to be 'stock pilots' lausai 1st then stocks lausai everyday leading to purebear.
I sympathize with the small players, though i hold non. 

Compare this:
PLC co.        =    Airplane
Stock Price  =   Ticket to fly with fantastic 'stock Pilot" ready in the plane
U r buying the price of the stock i.e. a ticket to fly high, hopefully on a long haul. 
And not buying the co. forever. U don't have the keys to the factory, how can u own part of the co.?
So knowing n acting on price action behavior is more potent.
In this fast pace high-tech world, events n things r changing n happening so fast.
Who says holding long term is the best way to profit in the stock mkt?
Yes, con people like Jordan, n all the Wall Street Wolf will say that.
In times like this, long term hold could be deadly even before u get to long term.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Making Money with 10 SILOs of Momemtum Stocks Investing in Good Times and Bad

1.   + Uptrend is our friend.
      + Charts can tell tomorrow's news Today. Use it correctly to our prosperity.

2.   + Protect the downside, upside will take care of itself.

      + 1st loss is the best loss going down purebear financial mountain.

3.   + In good times prepare for bad times. In bad times prepare for good times.

      + Purebull matures purebear comes n vice versa, Sine wave returns. 
      + They  r 2 Primary Super Bull Run n 2 Primary Super Bear Plunge

4.   + Be sensitive ONLY to all things RIGHT.

      + Foolish to follow the noises of Dr 'Bodoh' in the free internet essays n media news.

5.   + Always have high integrity, be utmost honest, friendly n trustworthy. 

6.   + Forget about price doubling: Achieve 10% gain 1st,  then 26%, 31% CAGR

7.   + In pureBull, it's the sitting that make us Rich, no rocket sciences required. 
      + In pureBear, go short or cash is king. Obey these 2 rules.

8.   + Crashes r caused by 'Black Swan' events. 
      + When all mkt Classes collide, Commodities, Properties, Stocks crash, Investment Clock fails.

9.   + 'Ai hiong hiong, my siong siong' in hokkien.
      + Buy at last small purebear that gives rise to the biggest PureBull. 

10. + Big money is awaiting in the new HIGHs; Blue skies, everything's nice.
      + Take risk n put your hard earned money with the 'strongest n smartest' FA stocks in the country. 
      + Breaks new High, it should fail. Breaks new LOW, it will go lower.

Compare this:
PLC co.        =    Airplane
Stock Price  =   Ticket to fly with fantastic 'stock Pilot" ready in the plane
U r buying the price of the stock i.e. a ticket to fly high, hopefully on a long haul. 
And not buying the co. forever. U don't have the keys to the factory, how can u own part of the co.?
So knowing n acting on price action behavior is more potent.
In this fast pace high-tech world, events n things r changing n happening so fast.
Who says holding long term is the best way to profit in the stock mkt?
Yes, con people like Jordan, the Wall Street Wolf will say that.
In times like this, long term hold could be deadly even before u get to long term.

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Monday, 29 February 2016

Block Ice is melting away in msia humid weather. This is Purebear plunge ! What to do best ?

WHY is Commodities like OIL n STOCKS still Crushing ?   One  Word, OVER-CAPACITY 
Stock mkt has edi become a high stake GAME. Be mindful, It has 'expiry date.' 
Any good biz will definitely attracts investment to increase capacity in the hope to make more money. 
So to a certain pt after 5-8 years run like now, the real problem manifests itself again i.e. 

OVER CAPACITY in all asset classes. 
That means pricing power kaput, profit margin plunge n so the stock valuation decelerates very quickly. 

If history is the guide, in order to solve this big world trouble, 
CRUSH then CRASH, i'm too afraid.
DOW's approaching 17,000. Take advantage of better prices within days of mid March.

PureBULL . 
Dear fayeTan,
Your view is correct as of now.
Looking at the longer term chart, NESTLE, DLADY, PANAMY appears very sexy n nice. Just to mention a few.
Amore said, PBBank is the most expensive bank in the world. It's still is today. 

WHY? bcos it can never go bust.

I'm not exactly against FA practitioner, except that FA has its weakness. It lacks a timing device.
It will be very encouraging to the community, if the FA taiko of i3, u know who, could focus more of

these great plc with amazing biz model.
Introduce these cos. to the newbies n working classes. Even if u r wrong on right timing, these cos. 

will go much higher after any mkt crash, like u mentioned. I couldn't agree more with u on this fact. 
Also u can safely copy WB's way on value investing in highly scalable cos. trading at high stock prices.
So incredible, WB's stock BRKA, flies higher every less than  3 yrs non stop for 40+ yrs.
With these stocks, U follow WB to shout loudly,
Price is what u pay, Value is what u get. 
i.e. U r so confident that Value after every cycle > Price u pay now.
Stock price goes higher every next cycle is damn good stock.

Don't know why so many people still love airasia. with OIL so low yet it's not high n mighty. 
When can it be or no in future? dirty Management Q?
Maybe it's because it has the most charming CEO in msia that I know of. The other 1 is from ecoworld.
But AIRASIA daily chart shows a new beginning with closing price, C > SMA 200 now.
OIL is expected to plunge again after the oil countries' agreement to maintain production vol.

Many here like to quote WB. But the condition n circumstances in our mkt is so different to the US. 
If u buy a stock here n u quote WB, pls ask these, 
Will WB buy this stock ? What kind of stocks will WB buy here ?

Do not use WB's words on momentum stocks. he'll lol non stop, for sure.

What is momentum stocks ?
In physics, Momentum = mass X velocity
So void of volume or speed of price increases or even at no price change, these stocks could plunge over nite.
Use a better way to monitor them, like price action theory or weekly candle sticks to determine its trend.

In Purebear Primary Phase, put capital preservation to action 1st:
1st loss is the best loss.
Sell on spike, spurt, strength

Sunday, 28 February 2016

With so many younger fund players, Stock Mkt has become a fast GAME. Is it GAME OVER ?

Watch all the Wall Street movies for their modus operandi. U can really learn from these shows.
Smart money behind the scene will plan every thing. Then they will find 1 super charming sales man 
to sell n road showed the stocks, using those FA #s to charm the audience. This is the only time, FA
reports r so useful. 
By n large, people want u to con them. Use FA, I guarantee u will be super successful to attract tonnes of followers.
Btw con is not a bad word. U must have the necessary talent n skill capable of charming n leading
your audience to do what u want them to do. Absolutely legal.

I encourage everybody to watch the infamous film, fully sponsored by our govman, 
Seriously, it's a good show for people who want to know what is behind how stocks go up.
Lots of F--- every where in words n in action. They do that action even in the glass lift. 
Best of all LOTS of PUSSY r shown every minute. 

U get to see how Jordan charmingly promoted n road showed Steve Madden as the greatest shoe maker n designer for ladies. Big difference is when Steve Madden, the co. owner spoke nobody cares to listen.

A same real life story I heard in 1 of the recent CNY dinners.
A friend of my was once upon a time the CEO of a PLC in KLSE. His big boss had an agreement to
place out a sizable block of shares to infamous stock Rapist lau. So the CEO was tasked to do the 
presentation to a group of fun managers in London. My friend prepared so much of impressive slides
on his co. biz model n future base on powerful SWOT. When the meeting started, the fun managers
asked lau, Can or Not ? Lau answered CAN. n the meet was over in 5 minutes.
My friend was completely shocked n awed even till today. He had free trip n holiday anyway.

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Please don't be overly too KOCKY with a bit of FA knowledge.
It's also spelled with a big F knowledge, btw. At some critical pt, It can be harmful to u n others too.
Many of all these green FA fellows who r asked to hold long term will be taken to the cleaners 1 by 1.

Let's wait n see their outcome.

The behavior of this stock is exactly the same as the typical killer stock like SEAL, 2 yrs ago. 
They all displaced only 1 damn big 1st Primary wave n crashed for yrs to come. 
No way they will give u the 3rd wave.
U r buying the price of the stock, not the co. So knowing price action behavior is more potent.
Q Earnings reports can be engineered to show it grows like super growth stock. 

It is usually done to fool the more educated for 4 Q, some even 8 - 10 Q.
When Primary purebear arrives, u only know what happen to the earnings.

Your WB said, After the high tide, U know who is swimming naked.

So for super momentum great stocks, do not hold more than 1 yr n or some for 2 yrs.
GAME OVER is the key. What else do u want ?

Expect the unexpected like SHELL( a murdered plc). A lot of bomb shells could go off this period.